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PaymentPlus will work with you to tailor a payment solution to fit your business needs.Whether you are a small or large business we have solutions to meet your needs and security requirements.

Or if you simply need some advice we are happy to discuss your options as we have over 40 years experience within the payment and point of sale sectors.

Terminals & card processing

Terminals & card processing

We work with Barclaycard to provide the most competitive acquiring rates in Ireland. PaymentPlus can provide the latest countertop devices from €15 per month. more info
Online Payments

Online Payments

We work with Barclaycard to provide the most competitive acquiring rates in Ireland. PaymentPlus can provide the latest countertop devices from €15 per month. more info
Multiline Retail

Multiline Retail

Multiline Retail requires complex, high performance solutions. PaymentPLus has the experience to deliver centralised payment solutions and compliance with PCI DSS. more info

Card Terminals

Card Terminals



PaymentPlus works with Barclaycard to provide the most competitive acquiring rates in the UK, with no hiddden fees. 

PaymentPlus supplies the latest generation Ingenico payment terminals. Our devices have colour screens and contactless payment options to ensure your business is able to support the latest payment services. We have Countertop (PSTN/IP) for fixed locations, Portable Bluetooth (PSTN/IP) and Mobile (GPRS) devices, that are ideal for environments in which you need to bring the payment terminal to the customer. See our complete range of terminals below. 

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Multilane Retail

Multilane Retail

Multilane Retail requires complex, high performance, PCI compliant payment solutions. PaymentPlus has the experience to deliver centralised payment and compliant PCI DSS solutions. PaymentPlus is an Ingenico distributor so can offer hardware and payment services from the worlds leading provider of payment solutions.
In addition to providing hardware or software solutions, PaymentPlus can provide acquiring services from Barclaycard. Reducing your card acceptance costs without the need to change hardware or software systems.

Online Payments

Online Payments

Online merchants can benefit from our competitive merchant service charges from Barclaycard. PaymentPlus works with all the major online payment gateways so you do not have to change your online payment service provider. We will work with your existing payment gateway provider to make the switching process seamless.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Flexible Finance When You Need It

PaymentPlus is one of the fastest growing providers of Merchant Cash Advance services. A Merchant Cash Advance is a new source of business funds based on the monthly average card takings from your card payment terminal. The advance plus a fixed fee is paid back using an agreed percentage of daily credit/debit card takings until repayment is made in full.


How Much Funding Do I Qualify For? 

PaymentPlus can fund between £3,500 and £150,000 per facility. The amount funded is based on your average card takings over a 12 month period. So if you average £15,000 of card takings per month, we can provide a Cash Advance of £15,000. 


Cash Advance vs Bank Loan

A Cash Advance is an innovative new source of funding for your business compared to a traditional bank loan:

  • Fast access to funding - applications approved in days
  • No business plans required
  • No need to change providers or bank
  • Flexible repayments - payback as you earn
  • Access to a new line of credit


Common Uses

A Cash Advance is ideal for many different types of business. The advance can be used in any way you like to grow and improve your business, and is often used alongside other sources of funding e.g. equipment leasing. Common uses are as follows:

  • Renovation
  • Expansion
  • Inventory/stock
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Website development
  • Opportunity funding
  • Emergency funding
  • Marketing/Training
  • Trade Shows


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