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News » Cashless Payments to exceed Cash Payments for the first time in 2015 2015-10-19

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It’s official: payments made without cash are predicted to exceed the amount of cash payments for the first time this year in the UK. According to the most recent data, 2014 saw 52% of payments made by cash. However, experts have predicted that 2015 will see over 50% of payments made by card. This would mean cashless payments of £19.9 billion being made in 2015 compared to £19

The trend is similar in Ireland where the value of debit card transactions is expected to surpass ATM withdrawals for the first time this year. Although the Irish have been slower to turn towards cashless payments to the detriment of cash, there is a consistent trend of increasing cashless payments that

Where does this leave your business in 2015? Simply put, without having a card payment service in place you will miss out on business and this is set to become a bigger issue as more consumers in Ireland & the UK assume you provide a cashless payment method.

This is where Payment Plus can help. We are the UK & Ireland’s fastest growing payment service provider with national reach in both markets. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not have any hidden charges such as statement fees. We provide payment services designed to fit any size of business that accepts card payments and we can help ensure your business is ready to capitalise on the growing trend towards cashless payments.

Why not give us a call on 0131 2141 101 (UK) or 01 554 5680 (Ireland) and speak to one our representatives today about the options available to you?

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